Sunday, October 10, 2010

Conclusion –Liyana-

Based on our research we had done, it can be conclude that there is a great necessity to give more attention towards cases that related with young delinquents who involve themselves in gangsterism. This problem had to be wisely handled to ensure that their future will not be ruined due to their involvement in gangsterism. Thus, parents, government, and society have to play their roles effectively in order to curb the spreading of gangsterism among school student. In addition, need to realize the consequence by each action or behavior which taken by them. They have to aware that each behavior that deviant and forbidden to the law will cause them to be punished. Therefore, government need to strict and regulate the available law, so teenager will be afraid to involve with gangsterism. As for parents, they need to give full attention to their children and guide them to the right path before things getting worst and difficult to handle. Society also is one of the important elements to curb this matter. By providing information to the police, they automatically help the enforcer task to deal with gangsterism. With the cooperation from each member in the country, there is a high possibility that this social illness will finally found its remedy.

Statistical figure -liyana-

The statistical figure was brought out by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin during the Parliamentary session on June 9, 2010 portrays the number of students who involved with gangsterism. From the figure , it stated that the number of students nearly doubled since 2005. It begins with 32 cases recorded and the numbers reach its high peak on 2008 with the value of 81. Although, the number had slightly decreased to 60 cases in 2009 but the number still considered high compared to the earlier cases recorded in 2005.

As for figure which provided by ACP Amar Singh Sidhu on his journal title Journal of the Kuala Lumpur Royal Malaysia Police College, No.4 on 2005, it reveal that majority of delinquents detained in the rehabilitation centre was from Indian races with the number of 316 people. On the other hand, both Malay and Chinese represent the similar number with 111 people for each race to be detained.

Effect of gangsterism towards society -liyana-

As for society, they will feet insecure and threatened over this matter because they felt that the surrounding is not the safe place anymore due to the violent act of gangster. The behavior of gangster might endanger their life because at some point, gangster can turn out to be a killer and some of them also fight among each other to show their power. In addition, this kind of phenomenon also spread widely in school. Johnson and Johnson (2005) stated that the researchers determined that the alarm about rampant violence in school is not justified, but concern about the frequency with which adolescents victimize each other is, even though the victimizations are more bothersome than injurious. In addition, it had come to the stage where school compound cannot be considered as a safe place anymore due to the gangsterism activities that take place in school area. Middleton-Moz and Zawadski (2002) argue that our own lack of awareness often causes us to be both deaf and blind to the pain experienced by our nation’s youth and, as a result, our young people too often become the prisoners of their sadness and depression, seeing little possibility for change and no way. Therefore, it show that our own lack of concern over what had happened make the matter of gangsterism getting worst until the victim of gangsterism are being abuse physically and emotionally. Society is no longer felt peace and harmony in the country which they had resided.

Effect of gangsterism towards parents -liyana-

In the context of family, parents need to receive the bad treatment as the result of their children behavior. Most probably, parents might be insulted or becoming the subject of hatred from people in their surrounding. They might be blame for what their children had done and through other people eyes they had to be responsible. Somehow, there are parents who try so hard, in order to guide their children back to the right path. However, some children are too stubborn and ignore the advice of their respectful parents. In addition, parents need to face with reality that their children are not turn into a good person and turn out differently from what they had expected.

Effect of gangsterism towards individual -liyana-

Gangsterisms are the social phenomenon which occurs widely among teenagers in our country. With the rapid increase of this problem, gangsterisms can give a lot of negative impact towards individual, family, and society. In term of individual, student who involves themselves with gangsterism will face bad consequences in their life including having a dark future.  Thus, their future might be threatened due to the result of their behavior. Most probably they will be detained because somehow they able to create chaotic scene in their surrounding. This will also affect their life as they unable to perform their study in higher level and they might spend their teenage years in juvenile school or rehabilitation centre.  On the contrary, those with a bright future able to continue their study while they had wasting their precious life in prison.

who should be blamed -Thiru-

Teenager nowadays lack of focus. I mean that they do not know where they are heading, whether in the academic or social sense. Therefore, this gives rise to several problems, mostly gangsterism happens among the teenagers who involved in sosial ills such as drug addicts, smoking, and gambling. These teenagers are not bothered about their studies and it is evident that they are involved in gangsterism. So, who should be blamed for gangsterism? Do we have to put the lame on the parents, teachers or anyone else?

I strongly believe that the one that should be blamed for gangsterism among teenagers is the individual himself or in the other word is ourselves. We are the ones to be blamed for gangsterism because we are the ones who decide on how we want to live our life. We are responsible to manage ourselves. If we discipline ourselves towards the positive behavior, then we will behave well. We are the one to choose how we manage our life. In any decision or action that we made, we have to take full responsibilities of whatever the consequences that we will have to face due to the decision making. For example, if a friend offer us a drug and if we have a firm standpoint, then we'll kindly say no to the friend.

Next, I think one of the factors that causes gangsterism among teenagers is the parents. Nowadays, parents are so busy and they focus more on earning more money. They are so busy with their job and rarely have time to be with their children at home. They become workaholic and they are not concerned about their childrens needs. They assume that providing their children with materialism is more than enough but the fact is their children actually need more attention from their parents. For instance, parents give money and provide car for their children but the children feel lonely. So, they will do anything to fill in the emptiness they feel inside. They might be involved in gangsterism to overcome the loneliness they felt.

Then, I personally think peer pressure is the one to be blamed for gangsterism among teenagers. The teenagers are easily influenced by their friends. When they mix with the wrong friends, they might be involved in crimes. As friends are among the closest people to the teenagers, they will eventually be influenced by their friends. For example, if their friends is a gangster, soon they'll become one. This is because, their friends might attract them to try something new for them like gang fights. The teenagers are too young and they have a strong instinct of wanting to try something new. So, they will follow their friends.

I strongly suggest that perhaps it is time that parents, teachers and non-government bodies work together to direct and counsel our teenagers. Parents should play their role to educate their children and spend more time communicating with their teenage children. Teachers should try establish a closer rapport with students.Everyone must work together to find the correct mechanism in order to overcome gangsterism among teenagers.